Sergi Estebanell has over ten years of experience teaching Hospital Clown courses, as well as Street Theater and Humor and Dramaturgy workshops in countries like Nicaragua, Venezuela, England, Germany, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Croatia, Italy and Spain. He has offered workshops both in Street Theater Festivals and in universities like the University of Performing Arts in Winchester ( and the University of Medicine of Bellvitge (Barcelona) (

In addition, he will be teacher in the ŠUGLA Summer school (, a Street Theatre school in Lubljiana (Slovenia) and also in the Graduate in Street Arts Creation in Tàrrega (Catalonia) (

What Street Theater workshops are referred, each one is adapted to the needs of the group. Through them, Sergi expands its research in the field of public space and the interpretation, opening an experimental work with the actor and actress, who prepares himself/herself to feel and live public space differently, and learns to relate to it in a creative way, with its architecture, urbanism, its dynamic and the people who inhabit it.

Sergi imparts other training, which focuses on the work of Humor and Dramaturgy, where you experiment with creating and writing a show for the street, where you learn to write about and through the space as if it was a canvas in white. His proposal revolves around a collective creation. Through practical exercises on the street, answers are given to why it is important to tell stories out there, how to make the space a supporter to tell them, how to play with it and relate to it positively, what are the aesthetic needs of our stories, who will be required to tell them…