S.E. can also develop a line of special projects, globally adapted to the event, festival or celebration. As creative, he can contribute ideas to turn the event or celebration into something unique and special. He has been artistic director of galas, openings and site-specific projects.

He loves to talk with the client to know what he/she needs and contribute, from his experience and creativity, innovative, original and impactful artistic solutions. In addition, S.E. has an extensive network of multidisciplinary artists who can adapt to any ideas and needs.

Do not hesitate to tell us what you imagine … and we will make it true.

RED (coLabse)

Action made by coLabse for the Festival Panorama in Olot (Catalonia)


Action made by coLabse for the Festival Itineràncies in Prat del Lluçanès (Catalonia)


(Veza Fernández, Alina Stockinger, Ana Redi-Milatovic, Sergi Estebanell, Christina Scheutz, cía. coLabse)

What happens if we vary the norms? A performance that explores other points of view…


A concert, a street theatre show, a wonderful way to bring the beautiful music of the VIIIcenturyto the public.